Once you thought that you've seen it all in contemporary art.. Here comes the Golden Toilet!!

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This is not a picture from the bathroom of a Southern Mansion of a Prince from the Middle East.

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It's an artwork, that is currently shown in the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

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This artwork was created by an artist Maurizio Cattelan, who actually resigned from the art career in 2011.

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The artist decided to come back to the art world with this unusual (I was looking for the best characteristic of this work.. well, let it be unusual:) installation.

The artwork is an exact replica of a standard American toilet, except for the fact that it's made with 18 karat gold.

And it's not only the toilet itself, that is surprising with its controversial message to the world, but also the name of the work - America.

We are left to make our own conclusions out of this installation, but I believe it's not a coincidence that it has come to lights right before the presidential elections in the USA 😊

Another amazing fact about this work is that it is a fully functional toilet, and it was intended to be used as it's designed by the artist 🚽!

This feature has a beautiful irony in itself, uniting something purely elitist with something very basic, human and ... physical.

This installation has attracted huge crowds, especially in the first days after opening.

The line to see (and, maybe, to use) this precious piece lasted for about 3 hours!

I was not among the luckiest ones to see it first, and actually I was not ready to spend couple of hours in the line to the bathroom ... But I have checked it out last week, when I went to see Agnes Martin show in Guggenheim.

So what can I tell you about it?

Well, it's a golden toilet.

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trump also has a gold plated toilet on his own plane.. lol he's so relateables ^_^


Haha why I'm not surprised:)

I have always wanted a golden toilet :)

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