Art photo, death to a prey and it´s hunter

3년 전

Photos shot with Samsung Galaxy S9. I only used the phone's own photo editor to get some more depth and contrast.  

Immortalized in his fall, the skull from a buck.  

Preserved in time and space

Camera: Samsung S9

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It is a beautiful image. It seems to have been made with watercolor


Thank you, actually it is not watercolor. It´s a photo made by my Samsung S9 camera.


I know it.

Daaaamn. The first is really a photography? It's looks like a painting. Good job. ♥


Yes, I found the skull and used the frozen lake as a background. Very pleased with the result :) Thank you for commenting.

how to shoot the right with beautiful results

Incredible photography like you do not do with a mobile phone

Wow...amazing photography post.

Incredible photos of birds from around the world.

Nice post. Luckily i found it in category #nature. Will resteem this one! Best wishes