Travel to Korea, Jirisan Mountain Walking.

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Travel to Korea, Jirisan Mountain Walking.
Jirisan is a mountain located in the southern region of South Korea. It is the second-tallest mountain in South Korea after Jeju Island's Hallasan, and the tallest mountain in mainland South Korea. After Jirisan, Seoraksan is the third tallest mountain in South Korea and the second-tallest mountain on the South Korean mainland.

지리산 백무동 계곡

王維 山居秋暝(산거추명)
산 속의 가을 저녁

빈 산에 막 비 내린 뒤
저녁 무렵 날씨는 가을기운 완연하다.
밝은 달빛은 솔밭 사이로 비추고
맑은 샘물은 돌 위로 흐른다.

대숲 시끄럽더니 빨래하던 처녀들 돌아오고
연꽃 흔들리더니 고기잡이 배 내려간다.
향기로운 봄풀은 제멋대로 시들어가도
나는 홀로 (산중에) 머무를 만하네.

空山新雨後, 天氣晩來秋.
明月松間照, 淸泉石上流.
竹喧歸浣女, 蓮動下漁舟.
隨意春芳歇, 王孫自可留.

작가 왕유(王維 ). 역주: 조규백. 사진: 이수형.

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Absolutely korea is one of the best country to visit. I mean north korea.


Thank you! Stefen ^^

i , am like many people, waiting until conflict is over to explore. I am learning Korean however and following you


Thank you! Johnnyray ^^


You are welcome,, my new friend