@jonny-clearwater Has A Pixel Art Contest. I Need Your Help Bringing An Underdog To Victory.

4년 전

@circuitshark killed it on this one!

This took a lot of creativity and skill. Don't believe me? Just try making some pixel art. You'll spend 18 hours on a 250x250 pixel square that generally looks like shit without a ton of practice.

Currently @circuitshark is behind only a few votes. Show this guy some love and up-vote him by clicking the link below and voting for him in the comments section of the post.

The current leader is only winning because of a minnow vote follow trail.


Either way this is a great contest and more people need to get behind it.

P.S. If you don't vote for @circuitshark:


Who wants a flag? Uh... I mean have a great Saturday!

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give me the flag, but it has to be Arsenal flag. i need to put it in my room

on the way to vote him.
digital art is really hard to do. i am learning vector, and all are shit.


I agree lol. I won't flag you buddy.

I'm so grateful that you've gone so far out of your way to lend me a hand, thank you!

Wow, I had no idea the amount of work that went into those...

Simply splendid. Thanks for sharing!

Cheers! ~~

I personally think it was the best entry.
I'm not sure people realize the difficulty in creating that level of detail in such a small pixel count.
Add to that, it not only nailed Batman but showed love to Adam West also.
Oddly, the piece in 3rd place is my second pick.
Sadly, I only choose the top 3...it's up to the votes now (we did end up getting minnow support on everyone. Did you know the guy that put ms on the one contestant, was the same guy we caught cheating in the contest earlier in the week).


No but that's crazy. It'll make us have to innovate contests a little more.

I know you have the intellectual capacity to do that.


This post got 22 votes..circuit got 3...lol


Yeah people don't read.


Redding iz tuff

Haha Nicely Done.

Better vote lol.
When i first got here flags were unheard of, now people are beefing with flags and counter flags. At the end of the day im just gonna post quality posts and comment on posts that pique my interest. Responsible curation, and freedom of self expression. Tastes so good.

Keep up the good work


Hey thanks!

You a fan of Pierce the Veil? (The band.)