DIY Stencil Steps by Shepard Fairey of Obey Giant

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Shepard Fairey's Easy Beginner Stenciling

One of Shepard Fairey's Full Large Scale Building Stencil Sprayed Murals

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1.  Use only flat spray paint.
2.  Do not let wet paint dry up on the stencil.
3.  Chill, let paint dry before each application.
4.  The stencils are reversible, keep rotating sides from which you are spraying front/back.
5.  The stencils should be held flat to the surface to be painted with a light mist of spray adhesive
6.  Failure to obey local ordinances may result in prosecution (the powers that be do not approve of you subverting the dominant paradigm). Spray at your own risk!

Shepard Fairey (Founder Obey Giant)

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