Flowmance- a HoopDANCE film

4년 전

hey Steemers! New to this! Excited!
This film was choreographed, edited, and cinceptialized by Morgan Jenkins and Lee Jeffries. Thank you for watching.

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Payin attention to you hun!

Stay persistant. come on discord, i'll help you learn the platform.

With this kinda shit, you'll kill it :)


Thanks man! I'm actually the male in the videos! My dance partner @lucyford and I just got introduced to the platform!


I completely had you two switched man lol
LMFAO, sorry.

I'll remember that. You cant see shit in pro pics here so i was guessing names.

Thanks for letting me know before I made more of an ass of myself lol


THANK YOU @michaeldavid so much for extending a hand! i constantly travel but am now getting around to some computer time and would love to figure this thing out! much love!


You are welcome! Hit me up. There is definitely a lot to learn here.

Welcome to Steem @leejhoops I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Great job!!! You got a fan in me.
I saw there is a dace contest on steemit too. You should definitely go for it.


thank you @melavie! SO MUCH LOVE and appreciation for you!