Rutt-Etra video synth and the pioneers of VIDEO ART

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Rutt-Etra synth

Check out these amazing examples of early video art created by Rutt-Etra syntesizer. The synth was invented in early 70s by Steve Rutt & Bill Etra and it played an important role in the history of video art as it was one of the first analog computers for video raster manipulation. It uses programable deflection system to reshape standard television frames.

This video shows some parts of SCAN PROCESSOR STUDIES which is a collection of works by video art pioneers Woody Vasulka & Brian O’Reilly:

Woody and Steina

Woody Vasulka (Czech Republic) and his wife Steina Vasulka (Iceland) moved to New York in early 60s and started to show their first video pieces at the Whitney Museum and later founded "The Kitchen" non-profit art and performance space located in Manhattan. They both became Guggenheim fellows (Steina in 1976, and Woody in 1979). Over the years they produced huge body of work using different techniques and stayed very active until late 90s. Here you can see some examples of their work:

Golden Voyage (1973)

Noisefields (1974)

Computer images (1977)

Objects (1978)

Art of Memory (1987)

You can find much more of their work online. There are also some nice interviews and documentaries about this interesting couple and their life-long passion for art and technology.

I want to end with something funny so this last short clip shows Steinas "Warp" :D

I hope you enjoyed this article. I plan to introduce more of my favourite video artists.

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Great work!

I've heard about this couple but I never saw any video of their work! Great post, I really enjoyed!



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