My new works. 16+ ART.

5년 전

World to you friends! Today I want to show you howl new works it hope to be pleasant to you. 

I can't call it a sensuality. It is just female beauty.

Female beauty the fascinating beauty which doesn't have borders.

On it we will finish with naked girls :) Also we will pass to other styles. My art on a  theme of the Middle Ages  Knights and the Plague Doctor

The lovely already grown Oriental cherry. Beautiful creature.

Thank you that have found time for my small post. I want that my drawings were pleasant to you. The road which I has chosen conducts me in uncertainty.

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Beautiful, I'm adding you as a friend, I love your work.

  ·  5년 전

Nice, keep it up!

These are beautiful. I've just followed you :)

Nice work with good sense of art

I like your work, but...
You paint with live women?

These are awesome. Thank you:)

Nice work! I love that you have diversity in your offerings. Truly awesome! Thanks for sharing. UPvoted and followed.

Female beauty the fascinating beauty which doesn't have borders I have to agree upvoted!