My next ART Sketch +16

5년 전

Good afternoon my friends! Good to you viewing.  

My arts for this month I hope to you will be pleasant. There is a sensuality!!! Children you leave from screens. Leave more comments! It is very interesting to me whether it is worth continuing.

Saw different beautiful works so much. That there was a wish to make something special. Here so it has also turned out. Quite difficult picture. On her creation a lot of time has left.

My pink princess.

And it is a beautiful view. A little female anatomy for you.

Further you will see three works drawn with a pencil. Very sexual.

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Women are the most beautiful creatures in this world ;D

I love sensuality you have captured. Upvoted and following. Looks like you are a woman who appreciates women's sensuality in its raw art form.

Wow, Nice!

Man that black electrical tape is gonna hurt when it comes off...


I hope she takes her mascara off before she goes to sleep...

Brilliant stuff. Very elegant and sensual. 😅

up voted and followed

The first pencil sketch babe would have been more erotic if she had natural-looking breasts instead of porn star issue silicone balloon boobs.

Awesome art! I'll follow you!

Love this sort of thing upvoted keep it up