Unhappy, physically; wanted to share a Flame Painter painting I made a few days ago, third in a series: "Racing"

3년 전

This is the first Flame Painting with the new laptop. Unfortunately, I'm not really happy with the drawing tablet I bought, so I'm still using the "mouse in a cage." :)

Additionally, I find it odd that I just learned today that there's an artist who is "known for" painting sperm into his paintings, and recently had several articles published about an Obama painting he had done. That's not my goal, although, the idea of "The Race", "The Finish Line", and "Racing" seem to have something to do with it! :)

In reverse chronological order:



A Finish Line:

A Finish Line+c.png

The Race:

The Race, larger+c.png

I'm planning to use the last image in this series (i.e., the first one I drew, "The Race") as the "logo" for my continuing efforts. Currently, working on heat transfer so I can make a ball cap with the logo. Like in the movie "What About Bob?" -- baby steps! :)


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Wow, nice painting. What a great work you have done with Flame painter. Weldone sir

Flame painter is a very nice a very nice painting software and you have done a great job with it. Nice painting

This is something fascinating and interesting and new advanced craftsmanship and it's reflecting as an eyes of fireballs. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing.

Looks like a good representation of the process of fertilization and the flame represent all the energy spent in that process very nice man. Regards

Sorry about the drawing tablet you bought. But can you telling what is really wrong with it?
The drawing are really nice. Great work

Flame Painter is a great piece of software to paint powerful effects onto existing images and a great addition for those who like experimenting while having fun.

Flame Painter is an extraordinary paint programming that lets you effortlessly make unique fine arts, light impacts, whimsical outline or lovely foundations with fabulous procedural brushes

Sad about your illustration tablet! Ideally you haven't contributed excessively or can make a trade. While I have no clue what fire painting is(going to find it now), I do like the style of the fine art.

Just wonderful design of art... too good sir👍

Unique fire calculation was made by Peter Blaškovič inside the 'I am an Artist' venture in 2009. He trusts that "Everybody can be a craftsman, we simply require the devices which turn into the motivation for imagination.

Wow! that's a amazing painting man.I really like it.

Rece for life

Remember, it's not a race." I found myself saying this to my daughter the other day and when I said it I knew I had to share with you a story about how I went from rushing to cruising.

Ha ha... sperm art is all the rage! Baby steps for The Race that leads to baby steps!

This is something interesting and unique and new digital art and it's reflecting as an eyes of fireballs. Thanks for sharing.

Stay Blessed.

super weird stuff haha.. pretty good for flame paintings tho!
fix those comic sans water marks lol!

I missed watching these art thanks for sharing it again its like going in the past again :D

What about Bob? - classic movie....one of my favorite lines from that movie is...

I have never really been into art, but the digital painting is intriguing.

You sure did pretty amazing buddy !Nice work !

Unfortunate about your drawing tablet! Hopefully you haven't invested too much or can make an exchange. While I have no idea what flame painting is(going to look it up now), I do like the style of the artwork.

It would be pretty cool to see a time lapse of your artwork being created! I'm digging "The Race".

Amazing painting friend and i like your flame paintings because they look so colorful and attractive too.

Feel better.. keep painting!

  ·  3년 전

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