Meditating on the interconnection of life. Step by step process. Original art

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CC6DC6EB-0439-4A7B-8565-95361A227BD8.jpegEverything humans have done in history comes from observing animals and nature. I was asked as a commission for someone recently to come up with an art piece that represented freedom and rebirth. It took me a couple incarnations, but this is my finished piece. In my experience the biggest feelings of freedoms and rebirth in life come from moments of divine connection with nature. Many indigenous groups around the world honour the eagle as a symbol of creative freedom and vision, I myself have been gifted eagle feathers and feel a strong connection to them. I chose to centre this piece around the eagle for this reason. Around that is an all encompassing eye, surrounded by an orca, for when I think about freedom I think of flying or swimming. There are other symbols and messages I chose to put in this piece, but I prefer to not explain all of them, and leave that up to the viewer. Let me know what you see! I’m always curious as to what people perceive through art. Here is how the process went from the beginning.




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Fantastic your work


Thank you so much! 🙏🏽☺️

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Wow, thanks so much 🙏🏽

I love how the whole art is interconnected with the ki/source or whatever someone calls it, very trippy i could contemplate on it for hours


Thanks so much- that’s so awesome to hear :)

Dammm... this one really speaks Lil, yet prior to writing this comment I was literally speechless....