Cyclops woman original art

4년 전
in art

I started trying out some acrylic paint pens, and really like this strange little painting I came up with. If your an illustrator, I recommend these pens, they are very precise and go over regular acrylic paint very well. Also the colours are so nice and vibrant. I also used a technique using drops of rubbing alcohol mixed with paint to make the patterned skirt. Always fun to keep experimenting with different styles and tools.

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you have good skills.. beautifully done. :)


Thanks very much :)

Nice design ... what are their names these marker?


Thank you! They are called deco marker :) 208B8BEF-8A20-4376-93F8-7A1C212C528A.jpeg

Lovely work. Experimentation and play are the lifeblood of an artist, in my humble opinion!


Thanks very much! Yes I agree absolutely... :)