My step by step process of Guitar illustration. Original art

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I’d like to introduce you to the process of one of my first guitar illustrations. I’ve noticed not many musicians have personalized art on their instruments, and I think it’s a beautiful way to show some extra uniqueness and personality with ones music.
This guitar is coveted by its owner as their go-to guitar. He said that if his house was burning down this would be the one thing he would grab above all else. He has spent a lot of times playing it up north in Canada, along the Georgian Bay, so I decided to create the iconic rock scenes from that area. The fact that this guitar is a bit beat up and worn adds to the rustic charm in my opinion.

I started by tracing the outline of the image, and making deep grooves in to the wood with a pencil. I then sanded off the varnish within the image, and traced it with acrylic black pen.

I then added the details with a diner black pen, and used shades of more acrylic colour paint to fill in the rocks. I decided to leave some of the original wood showing through to make it a bit more subtle and natural, and in this way even if the paint fades it will work well with the look of the guitar.

A few hours later of filling the details in its finished. It’s recommended to spray over guitar art with a varnish spray, but this client wanted to keep the matte, natural look. The fact that I made the deep grooves in the wood ensures the image will stay permanently.

The final product!


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This is absolutely gorgeous!! I would have been so nervous to be modifying someone else's instrument. You did such a beautiful job keeping with the character! Looking forward to seeing more instrument art from you!


Thank you so much! I was nervous as well, but going over everything with pencil first helped. I might be doing a keyboard commission soon and will share. Cheers :)

Sick! Thought you might be doing the whole front....or wait will you?