Rebirth in progress. Original art

3년 전
in art

This is the beginning of a new piece, intended to portray freedom, and rebirth.
Water below and fire above, and the meditator transmuting both of these opposing forces. I have learned through meditation techniques to envision my feet having deep roots into the earth and the crown of my head recovering light from the universe. For me balance between the two makes me feel free. 520A45F0-7A7F-4F2E-81C7-C80CC6952740.jpeg

What images come to your mind when you think of rebirth and freedom?

This piece was made with acrylic pens and pencil.

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I like your creativity, impressive colors.


Thanks very much!

And the character in this one is literally on anothe level haha

Absolutely love this one! Stunning use of colours too!


Thanks very much 🙏🏽 I’m loving my new acrylic pens and their vibrant colours!