The animal symbols of Scorpio- original art

3년 전
in art

Seeing as it’s Scorpio season. I made this piece in homage to one of the most misunderstood signs.

I’m a Scorpio who never identified with the revengeful, stinging symbology of Scorpion. I found out that Eagle and then the Phoenix are the highest incarnations of Scorpio, and actually we have 6 incarnations of animals to go through including- (the spider, scorpion, snake and grey lizard) It made so much more sense to me to know that the evolved Scorpio embodies wisdom, creativity, objectivity, power and detachment from ego . We are in rebirth always, if we choose to evolve. Happy Scorpio season to all those celebrating! 1AE5E831-3D97-404F-A8D6-DDB96E5E2A2D.jpeg

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Fantastic coloring
fine strokes !!!


Thanks so much! :)



Thank you :)