Trust is the daughter of truth. Original art.

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04110816-5E1E-4CE4-A4F9-F8AE796914C6.jpegTonight I was inspired by an archetype workshop I took. We were brought into a waking dream state, where we went into the earth and explored the archetype of Mother Nature. It was powerful, and what I learned most was to trust the process. Trust that everything in life has cycles, after birth comes death, and after death comes life once again. At the end of the workshops we were five a list of emotions or states and we had to pick one we most related to in that moment. I initially chose Trust, but then after I say Truth and that struck out to me as well. I picked Truth, but decided to go back and choose Trust after all. As I felt it resonated. It was interesting what the first line was in the description. Trust is the daughter of truth. You can read the whole description here.F9860985-C848-4C5D-A84E-919A741F49DF.jpeg

Here are some different closeups and wide views of this piece I finished tonight. I made it with micron pen and pencil crayon. It embodies the experience I had today, which I’m very grateful for. I believe synchronicities are signs your in the right path. 5581946F-6B25-4F15-ABDD-03CEA0EBCABC.jpeg374A510D-7497-4916-A33C-0179F810FE8F.jpeg

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I like the wavy lines in this, mesmerizing.

This is quite nice.

Candid and Discreet - Trust talks to those that need to hear her. She listens to people that need to be heard. Her presence is subtle, simple and undeniable.

Thank you.


Thank you :) that is one of my favourite passages from that page as well.
I saw @jaybird last night and he suggested we get in touch. Nice to meet you on here!


Aww - the boys were talking about me were they? That is nice, all good things I hope? So far away and my ears are still burning.

Cheers and nice to make your acquaintance.


Of course, all great things!! Same to you :) nice to meet other artists and art lovers here

Quite enjoyed this piece, the art and inspiration. Pleasure meeting you this evening.


Thanks very much :) was lovely to meet you as well, look forward to checking your work out!

I love that picture.
Aren't you a beautiful painting?
I draw pictures in Korea, and your painting helped me a lot.
Thank you.
I'll follow you.
Drop by my blog occasionally and take a look at the pictures.


Thank you so much, that’s so nice to hear :) I will look at your pictures and follow back!

Beautiful piece! "I believe synchronicities are signs your in the right path" I'm a big believer in this :) Well done!


Thank you! Absolutely... it’s an affirmation from life. Appreciate your comment, cheers ;)

Gorgeous! That’s how I typically feel in a sweatlodge ... body on the ground, embracing mother earth


Oh yes, absolutely... I can see that. I’ve felt such a deep appreciation for the earth when in a sweat lodge as well. Thanks for your comment:)

Wow. This is art. Thank you for sharing the process too. I enjoyed both reading how this came about and the excerpt on "trust."

I liked hearing about the cycles too. How all life is an endless stream of birth, life, and death. It reminds me of a mural I saw with just a horde of endless streaming people crawling out of the mouths of the person behind them, and just consuming all before them.

Your picture seemed similar.

Like from the woman the seed births underground, and stretches up like a tree.

I like how the hair merges with the ground and soil, how the body seems to give life to the bud under the person. Well done! Such a great picture/drawing.

Color me totally impressed.


Thank you so much for your thoughtful response and compliment!! You have accurately described the feeling and intent behind this piece so well. Appreciate you taking the time to write me, and I’m happy this piece and message resonates with you. Cheers :)

It looks mysterious and cool ^-^b


Thank you! :)