Whale shark drawing original art

3년 전
in art


This is my first digital drawing I’ve done in a while. One of my dreams is to swim with whale sharks one day. They are so majestic and magical looking. The ocean is truly like an accessible outer space in our planet. The creatures, depths and mystery are just as vast and alien like.

It’s so important that we protect our oceans, the oxygen we receive from the reefs help keep us alive, and there are so many wonderful beings that dwell under water. Sharks are endangered because of their habitat being polluted, over fished or being poached. Please do your part to limit plastic waste, buy ethically and source your fish from sustainable sources. We all can make a difference with our actions!

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The message you are sending out in your post is important and true, we can make a difference with our actions.
The following is a different subject, but still I want to mention it; in one of your previous posts you said
"Art that also mirrors sadness, anger or fear can open up those parts of us who are viewing it and can give us a space to release those emotions."
Also true, and a nice way to formulate it.


Hey thanks so much! Happy these sentiments resonate with you. Your a great artist yourself!