Exploring SODO Track in Seattle: 62 artists, 50 walls, and 2 miles of art!

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This summer I finally made it down to SODO - Seattle’s industrial district - to check out a new public art project: SODO Track. SODO Track is intended to be a color-filled 2-mile-long public transit corridor that brightens the day of people entering and exiting the city. Right now, the project features 62 artists and 50 walls of art!


SODO Track is now the longest mural corridor in the world, according to Crosscut.

Living just a 10-minute drive away, I’m stoked that I finally took a walk along the corridor to see all the amazing art that artists created on the basic theme of "Motion, Speed and Progress”. What I love about this project is that many folks (including me!) might not readily know it was there - drivers will likely not take this route - making it a unique experience particularly designed to delight transit goers. It’s a wonderful way of promoting public transportation, while making our city more beautiful and I’m all for it!

Today I’ll share a few of my favorite murals that I was able to get a good angle/shot of. Then I’ll share a few photos from other photographers capturing some of the trickier designs. :)

Up first - here’s a map of the track - this one is a little outdated but there doesn’t appear to be a new one on the Sodo Track website yet. At any rate - this gives you an idea of the geographical layout of the project!


Here’s a colorful mural that stretched for hundreds of feet by Elliott “Numskull” Routledge.

I like this shot - specially with those green Chuck’s as a color pop on the railroad tracks. The guy wearing them isn’t bad either, but we all know I’m biased when it comes to @ukuleletutorials. ;)


As I said, it was super long, so here’s the other end!


Next up is my favorite piece on the track - an amazing pink kitty piece by Syd Bee + Casey Weldon.

This one is amazing - featuring a crowd of people in business garb fleeing from Mt. Rainier as pink cats fall from the sky. For those of you who don’t know - Mt. Rainier is a prominent landmark in the Seattle skyline on a clear day, and also technically an active volcano! Enjoy these three snaps. :)




Here’s another piece I love by Spencer Keeton Cunningham.

This piece is created on a building off of an abandoned lot which serves as a homeless encampment along the corridor. In this snap, you can see a tent in front of the mural.


And now, for a few murals I couldn’t get the right angle on that I really love!

First, here’s an amazing work of art from Christopher Derek Bruno.

I love the rainbow colors, and how the shape of the design is suited to the architecture of the building the mural is worked into. On a grey day, this rooftop stands out, and I always love to try to spot it while driving over the West Seattle bridge.


Another worthy piece is this lovely pastel work by Damien Gilley.

I love when artists convert an entire building into an art piece - working in a way that makes the building itself a part of the final product - and Gilley totally achieves that here.


I’m also very much in love with this piece, “Unaesthetic Aesthetics” by Basik.

The simple graphic work is bold, striking, and catches the eye. This piece is another one that I can spot while droving over on the bridge, and the fact that it’s so impactful even from a distance speaks volumes I think.


I’ll end this SODO Track feature with this lovely creation by two-man collective, Cyrcle.

Seattle is a place that rains. A lot. And when it doesn’t rain the sky is often overcast or cloudy. We have a real appreciation for the sun here in the Pacific Northwest - so much so that this HUGE mural seems like an important reminder of sunny days to come!


In sum: If you’re ever in Seattle, hop on a bus or the train and go for a ride along this corridor.

I think the creators of the Track will be adding more art, and continuing to run some public programs alongside the murals in upcoming years. It’s a cool art project to watch out for! Hope you enjoyed a little snapshot!

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All unsourced photos by me. Follow on instagram @lilyraabe!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Am i able to say that this is f*****g amazing? Because it is! I'm a fan of street art, Buenos Aires has a lot too, but they're so tricky! Unfortunely some people just don't respect them and go and make graffitis of their names ruining everything!

Loved the first one, reminded me of a Miró.

This is phenomenal, Lily. Some of the pieces are really cool. Your favourite work is also the one I enjoyed the most.

Thanks for sharing!

By the way, why don't you use the #graffiti tag? If many of us use it, maybe we can put the tag up there, among the main tags in SteemIt? I'd love to see that happening.


Thanks so much for checking out the post - the raining cats are pretty great aren’t they? Thanks for the heads up on that hashtag, I’ll have to try it out. Cheers!

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What an amazing place and project, @lilyraabe ! Love how art suffuses itself in our every day life, and this is one such example <3 Gorgeous post \o/

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I would love to visit that. Thank you for showing some of the artworks.


It’s pretty neat - thanks for stopping by and hope you get to see it in person someday. Cheers!

Hello @lilyraabe, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Do you still run a contest with prizes?

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This is really amazing. I heard they are doing something like this in the building up and recovery of Detroit. It's always we artists that help to reinvigorate and enlighten a place, and I love that!

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