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I want to describe my emotions from studying watercolor painting.

I was almost as enthusiastic about the characteristics of oil painting as I am now about watercolor, because in each medium we can find advantages. And accordingly, only when you encounter the drawback that it is difficult to overcome for you, and which is essential for you, then eyes look for something new. For me, such a flaw was the smell and space in the apartment for the previous works.

In general, I can say that watercolor painting itself enchants with lightness and airiness. It's hard to show a rainy day and some underwater depths, although right now I'm thinking about whether I can do it.
And due to this lightness, the image will be different from the original, because the gravity of the colors around us is not necessary to take to fantasy.

I have a strong feeling that watercolor is now in vogue. Perhaps, because it is much more appropriate to look in combination with minimalism and functionality in the interior. Well, for example, try to imagine furniture in the style of Louis the 14th and tapestries, oil, embroidery - perfect))) And the watercolor will look in such a situation approximately as an office paper on the wall. But it's quite another matter - Ikea and light colors. Here, on the contrary, classical painting will be out of place.



Watercolor bewitches with skill because of the "sketchiness" of the image. Through any drops and effects, you will have to at least partially discern the exact picture. And this is the first virtue that I would like to note. Watercolor teaches me how to draw.

But also with the ability to draw, comes the ability to look at painting. I now understand how many works, even famous and beautiful, are made with errors. And so the ability to watch is not about the quality of performance, but rather about the result, about your feelings, abstract from light, color and perspectives.

And although the works of long-deceased artists are sold at fabulous prices, but I would still advise to look closely at contemporaries. They have already mastered and passed through the experience of the centuries, and the quality of materials and the quality of their performance are much higher (if they really investigated the experience of centuries).



Since each drawing is a sheet of paper, it is possible to fold a lot of works in a limited space and occasionally admire them.

Therefore, the number of drawings is growing very quickly and the experience is really being worked on. I already feel how much easier it is for me to sit down for a new topic. Fear gave way to curiosity, as to me.

One theme is replaced by another, here I study the mixtures, and here the textures, here the perspectives, and here the direction of the light and the shadows ...



I bought a set of colors of the Ukrainian manufacturer at 550 UAH for 24 cuvettes. And the paper I'm using now is 210 UAH for 35 sheets. This is in my opinion ideal for learning. Plus trifles - a palette, brushes (one bigger natural and one for details), a scotch, a pencil and a nag. At first I did without scotch, but the framing of the pattern, which is created with scotch, looks much better and more convenient when drawing.

And if we talk about buying good materials, then the paper goes around 300-500 UAH for 10-20 sheets, and the paint ... 100 UAH for a tube. But I already want to try and compare. I already looked after some things on Jackson's Art. But for the present I want to see, in the process of accumulating experience, what colors are needed, and what is missing.



Due to the fact that oil paints are more expensive, I bought them in a limited assortment (especially for training). Therefore, I understand the colors much easier through watercolor. Study mixtures, study names, study the compatibility and features of pigments.

In this case, even just for colors, I reviewed a huge number of video reviews and different tests precisely when it came to watercolors.


A way of knowing the world

It's amazing, but everything that you try to depict is passed through the mind in detail. Therefore, the world becomes wider, it becomes more diverse, more precisely, deeper, more interesting. And these are stamens, leaf shapes, muscles, proportions of faces, wrinkles, trees and architecture ....

Perhaps that's why drawing is such a thrill. And with each new work it's getting better and better!

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Excellent work! Many people have no idea how difficult it is to do watercolors. :-) Upvoted and following!