I Feel

3년 전

Ok guys, here's something big and messy, and colourful for you. I guess you could say this is my signature style? Not sure but i love it! Have fun and enjoy!

Find more at my website ---> https://lucydyerart.com/
And come follow me over on instagram ---> https://www.instagram.com/lucydyerart/

I Feel.jpg

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Fantastic piece. Is this your handwriting? Looks fascinating. I love the colours as well. Followed and Resteemed :)


Thanks. And no,it's not my handwriting. I don't write that neat! :-)

Yes, I love it too!!
What medium did you use? What is the size?
Can’t wait to see more.
Resteemed and following!


Thanks :-)
All my art work is digital, and size is roughly 3500 pixels.

It looks messy but is not, is very organize and detail painting


Thanks! :-)

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This is horrifically wonderful and spiritualy enchanting piece of art!

resteemed! Upvoted with my 0,00000000001!!! dear @yoganarchista