How to develop a Project Planning

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How to develop a Project Planning


For the development of a Planning in a Project or Service allows us to identify the sequence of activities and their relationships, and in them the resources with which is available to forecast the order of execution and establish the dates in order to fulfill the commitments made with the Client or the Organization in a way that can be fulfilled in the established time and with the budgeted costs

The main objective for the development of a planning is to administer, coordinate and control all the activities and the resources assigned to it for the execution of the same. Depending on the needs of the project or service, each process is executed with the effort of a group of professionals, using a schedule, data and calculations and upload it to the system.

During the planning of the execution of the Projects or Services, the following elements are considered:

• Establish and meet the Quality objectives.
• Establish and provide resources for the provision of service.
• The verification, validation, acceptance and monitoring of the products.
• Provide evidence that the activities that integrate the Projects and the services meet the requirements.

The planning of the execution of the Project is based on the following tools:

• Opening of the Project.
• Measurement Milestones.
• Execution strategy.
• Project Master Plan.
• Detailed Project Plan.
• Plan of xx days.
• Structure of Labor Partition (EPT).
• Production Control (CDP).
• Advance Curves.
• Histograms.


The planning for the development of the Projects will be carried out through Detailed Plans. A "Primavera P6 Project Management / CDP 10" program can be used as a tool to develop a Detailed Project Plan. Potential or real deviations are identified and a continuous monitoring program or other type of program is carried out

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