Objectives of Elaborate a Specific Plan of Industrial Safety, Occupational Hygiene (PE-SIHO) in an Organization.

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Objectives of Elaborate a Specific Plan of Industrial Safety, Occupational Hygiene (PE-SIHO) in an Organization



The main objective of a Specific Plan of Industrial Safety, Occupational Hygiene and Environment (PE-SIHO), is to ensure the control of all the elements involved in the production, which means the preparation and planning of all the parameters that are necessary to achieve the results that are pursued (zero accidents, zero incident, zero material damage), means work rules that define precisely the attitudes and other qualities that workers must have and observe, as well as publicize a set of rules and procedures for avoid incidents or accidents and all those risks that in one way or another cause undesired events and that may result in injury or damage to personnel, machines and facilities and the environment during the performance of the work.

The Specific Plan of Industrial Safety, Occupational Hygiene (PE-SIHO) has as its fundamental purpose "Safety". To achieve this, it requires putting into practice the following:

• Comply and apply the standards of Industrial Safety, Occupational Hygiene and Environment established.
• Create a safe work environment.
• Prevent accidents before they occur.
• Ensure the safety and protection of workers, facilities, third parties and the environment.
• Establish procedures to carry out work safely.
• Train the staff in the Safe Work Practices.
• Comply with the Laws, Decrees, National Regulations, International Treaties, as well as Standards, procedures and best practices of Industrial Safety, Occupational Hygiene and Environment, which must be met within the execution of the contracts.




• Provide all personnel with the necessary information to carry out their work under control and effective training by the company in the activities carried out in the instrumented inspections of the stations, integrity studies, monitoring, topographic mapping and so on. prevent accidents that can cause damage to people, equipment, facilities and the environment.
• Execute the work under a single security profile, first of all oriented to the education of the people who work in the installations when carrying out the stations.

To comply with the foregoing, there is a need to implement the existing and most appropriate regulations, which consist of planning, organizing and controlling the management of the Industrial Safety, Occupational Hygiene and Environment program.

These standards establish a set of elements or aspects, whose mission is to prevent accidents, occupational diseases, environmental pollution, material damage.

These prevention activities are:



• SIHO Policy Statement
• Industrial Safety Organization.
• Training in Occupational Hygiene, Safety, Industrial and Environment.
• Evaluation of incidents and / or near accidents.
• Investigation and Analysis of Accidents.
• Industrial Safety Statistics.
• Personal Protective Equipment, Medical Assistance (First Aid)
• Inspections of Industrial Safety, Preventional Motivation.
• Comprehensive Protection Notices, Assignment of Responsibilities.
• Rules, Rules and Procedures, Chat Programs, Order and Cleaning

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