Quality Management System and the Work Processes that make up a Project

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Quality Management System and the Work Processes that make up a Project



The Quality Management System for Projects includes the integration of responsibilities, organizational structure, procedures and resources necessary to carry out quality management.

The criteria and methods for the effective control of processes are defined in the Procedures and work instructions that make up the Documentation of the Quality Management System of the Organizations that provide the service or that which executes the Project. The processes are continuously monitored based on the management indicators established for this. As part of the analysis of the results of the monitoring of the management indicators, actions are agreed to achieve the planned results and achieve the agreed objectives. The planning and control of the processes are the most useful tools to monitor and evaluate the management of the Project.



The controlled conditions include:

• Use of equipment and / or tools selected for the execution of the identified processes.
• Compliance with standards, reference codes and documented procedures, work instructions.
• Monitoring and control of the parameters established in the process and the characteristics of the product, including the revision of the Contract, scope changes, Project meetings.
• Selection of qualified personnel for execution of works, processes and equipment, as appropriate.
• Criteria for the execution of the work, established in a clear and practical way, by means of written norms, representative samples or illustrations.
• Adequate maintenance of equipment to ensure the continuity of the process.



The Project will be focused on its work processes, which are based on the following:

• Review of the applicable requirements, such as the information, product of the tender (terms of reference, communications, offer, contract), know-how and experience of the personnel, QMS applicable to the Project and the transmission of this information to those who They need to know and apply it.
• The handling of communications, flow of information and agreements between the different functions and entities.
• The factors that intervene in each process, such as: data and information systems, environment, equipment, materials, measurements, methods, people, inputs, outputs, feedback, controls, records
In the work processes, key points are established to verify and review if the completed products meet the specified requirements. These key points are identified according to the planning in the time of the process in which they are executed. These checks and reviews are carried out by personnel external to the Project.

The leaders of the working groups are responsible for ensuring that the members of their group understand the work processes that will be used before starting the work.

The members of the working groups are responsible for the quality of their work and for compliance with the guidelines established in this document.



The Project Manager and the Quality Management Coordinator of the Projects will be responsible for ensuring that the internal audits of the Quality of the Projects are done according to the program established by the Management of Quality Management.

In the processes that are contracted externally and that affect the conformity of the products, the Project Manager will delegate in Contracts, the control of said processes, through the elaboration of the terms of reference and follow-up of the processes.

The guidelines of the Quality Management System of the organizations will be addressed in the Project from the initial review of the Client's requirements (DSD Decision Support Document, Terms of Reference, Description of Items and the contract) until the completion and delivery of the Project including after-sales service.

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