Economic situation about me and my country Venezuela.


Hello to all Steemiants, I want to give you a summary of the drawings made so far, with the political and not democratic issue in Venezuela, The story to begin with my economic situation and followed that the current situation of the country.

I'll start from the beginning, my name is Sabrina Valleys I'm from Sucre Venezuela. I am 18 years old and I have a small daughter of 1 year, is about to turn two years old.

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I will begin with my situation, I just turned 18 and get pregnant my boyfriend I finished and left, my family does not support me with my daughter, so I must find what to do. They lent me this computer so I could get money to buy food.

I work in Steemit, I have my blog where I upload my drawings, I know I have great art but I do not have much support and I do not have money for food. I have done little spam in discord but I know that many hate me for that.

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The situation in Venezuela is very critical, there is no humanitarian aid, and when there is little. food prices increase almost daily.

Venezuela has the lowest minimum salary in the world surpassing haiti, the dollar in Venezuela is at a value of 5,000 bolivares, and the minimum salary is 40,000, that is, we Venezuelans earn almost 6 dollars a month. That in another country would be only 1 hour of work or even less.

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The people of the country are upset and that is why every day someone dies, because they can not stand the government treating us as they want and we went out to protest, but their order is already to kill anyone who is against the regime of Nicolas Maduro.

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is also suffering from power failures because when they started their government they stole a lot of money and did not give pre-order to the guri dam, known to be the base of electricity in Venezuela. Recently the Guri exploded, and several turbines were damaged, now we Venezuelans suffer that every day they cut the electricity without warning hour, for more than 8 hours a day, many food and many appliances are damaged like refrigerators, televisions or blenders.

This is a dictatorship.

Here is the source of my drawings and my photograph:

If you would like to support me you can donate to these wallets:

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Or in that case have a different crypto just ask and I get the address. I hope you like my publication and realize that Venezuela is going through very difficult times. Thank you.

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Wishing you good luck!

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@marshallmustang, Hope and wish that soon the situation of Venezuela will become stable. Stay blessed.

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Good drawings, upvoted and resteemed, hope you get more support.

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Guaidó es otro socialista que quiere sentarse en la silla del Presidente. Nada cambiará.

Para empezar, yo soy la muchacha de la foto y ese bebé no es mi hija es mi HERMANA, @marshallmustang es mi cuenta de steemit pero me fue robada por @chinotattooart, yo nunca he publicado nada en esa cuenta y quiero que mi cuenta sea devuelta o cerrada!

Y los dibujos publicados tampoco le pertenecen, sino a Juan Carlos Yndriago