STEEMIT Treasure - Photoshop Art

4년 전

STEEMIT inspired Art. Somehow I connect lost treasure, sea and fishes with Steemit. But it seems like it's already connected.

Lost treasure at the bottom of the sea are always the most valuable. This minnows, dolphins and whales found it. It's treasure of upvotes.

How it's made?

  • Two backgrounds and color fill between them.
  • Ark with shadow at the bottom.
  • Fishes and upvotes added.
  • Main thing! Gradient map and curves with blue color like bottom of the sea.

Adobe Photoshop CS6

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Sorry I am not noob to fall to your phishing scams.



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good article advising of this type of scam

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guide to passwords on steemit

wallet which allowes you to store your passwords securely - hasn't tried this yet but this has been recommended to me by @blocktrades

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your comment didnt make me feel better ...

My comment was not for you, it was for scammer who took your account (I hoped he will read it).
I am glad you take back your acc and can continue Steemit journey.

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