Original Art series by @mikepedro #10

3년 전

Hello all, continuing with my art series I'm sharing a few more digital pieces. These are made on various photo edit software programs. I mainly use photoshop but for those who dont want to pay for it can try lunapix, nchsoftware or photo mania. I still use these for certain effects. There is a bunch of free software out there! I always start these with a photo of my own original art as to keep them totally original. I have every intention of making a detailed post about the process... Been way too busy creating art at the moment :)

star burst mike pedro.jpg
'STAR BURST' by @mikepedro

LSD mike pedro.jpg

'LSD' (working title) by @mikepedro

Disolve mike pedro.jpg
'DISOLVE' by @mikepedro

Hope you liked what you see...

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Thanks for taking a look, much love @mikepedro

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Amazing . Keep up the good work.

Hello, @mikepedro
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Hello @artshares Thank you for saying so! I appreciate the resteem! Will be following.


Thank you too!


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