Original Art series By @mikepedro #14 'MONO'

3년 전

by @mikepedro

Ive been producing so much colourful art for the past few weeks its been good to work with some mono colour schemes. Non of these are titled yet. And like always these are digital manipulations of my original old school painted works.

by @mikepedro

by @mikepedro

Hope you liked them! If so, leave us a comment and or a vote...

Much love @mikepedro

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Dear Artist ! This post has been upvoted from FineArtNow account ! See you soon !

Splendidery :) Like zoomed in snowflakes.

great art.. found you because of #artshare

Seriously cool stuff man... I haven't really seen much digital art before but I love it. I guess different people have different perspectives but the first one looks like souls returning to their origin and the last two look like the atomic structure of ice or a snowflake. Keep it up.