Original Art series by @mikepedro #17 'Digital Mist'

3년 전

Last year I made a commitment to myself to do something creative everyday. This has been a challenge at times, but its pushed me to try new thing and learn about myself and the process. I mainly paint with acrylics in a few different styles and lately I've been obsessed with fluid abstract art. Adding a variety of additives to paint to get different results.

cosmic mist mikepedro.jpg
part of "COSMIC MIST' By @mikepedro

Here is an example of what a fluid abstract looks like. This is a small section of an artwork called cosmic mist. These types of artworks are the results of hour of experimenting with paint and additives. I use all sorts of thing to get the paint to react. Honestly anything... Ive used PVA wood glue, dishwashing liquid, varnish, a variety of oils and much more.

Then very recently I've started making digital art with photo of the stuff I've previously painted. Here are a couple examples of what i made with the above image.

'UNTITLED' By@mikepedro

untitled mikepedro.jpg
'UNTITLED' By @mikepedro

Thanks for taking a look. If you liked these, check out my art posts.

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I've been doing the same thing... Altering past works to create a new generation of digital art. Beautiful work Mike.


Hello @aoart thats awesome to hear other artists are on the same page! Will check it out.
Following!! Thank you mate.


No worries mate, thanks! See you around!

I resteem brother


Thank you brother! Much appreciated



I really like the first one!
It has a nice feel to it, can't explain it.


Thank you @supersoju :) The first one is a part of the original painting which sold last year.
Might have to revisit those colours.


Wow beautiful color


Thank you mate ;)

if u upvote me i will do same


Hello mate, i usually only upvote stuff i like :) but thanks for the offer.

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