Original Art series by @mikepedro #18 'HIGHLY STRUNG'

3년 전

G'day all, Been showing a lot of new new digital art of late. Thought id mix it up and give you some painted stuff today. These are new piece I've been playing around with this week. Its a totally new style to what i normally paint, but I like them!

highly strung 1.jpg
'HIGHLY STRUNG 1' By @mikepedro

highly strung.jpg
'HIGHLY STRUNG2' By @mikepedro

Ive got a couple more in the works! need to make more paper piping bags. Being a former chef I've spent a lot of time in pastry kitchens. We used to make small piping bags rom silicone paper for chocolate decorations. This is were the idea came from...These are painted with acrylic paint on canvas 45 x45cm.

If you like what you see, please check out some of my other art posts




As Always Much Love!

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Why? you didnt even follow me?? take care :)

Very nice!💕


Thank you!

Dope painting, it looks like a hadron collider. It is the best piece i have seen this month.


Cheers @kaysway much appreciated!!

Oh and i just followed you man, hope you can do the same i have just started out on steemit.


Done man, ill check out your blog

Forgive me? still beginners do not understand how to play steemit.


All forgiven, no problem. It's just not the best idea to go around and tell
people your following them if your not...

Incredibly, this is a beautiful mix of colors ..
Good job and congratulation mr@mikepedro(51)


Ah thank you @cekbai very kind of you!!

Wow! Amazing


Thank you @abchro :)