Original Art series by @mikepedro #21 'DRACO'

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Hello all,

Busy taking photos of art work today! Any artist out there will know how frustrating it is to try and get a decent photo of you art that truly represents the true colours in it. I live and work in a small house, the light in here is terrible for taking photos, so I'm usually out in the yard putting on a show for the neighbours...

DRACO close up.jpg
close up of 'DRACO' By @mikepedro

This artwork named 'DRACO' is part of a series called 'COSMIC MIST' I started last year. Mixed media on canvas, they are 30 x40cm.

'DRACO' By @mikepedro

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Much Love @mikepedro

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  ·  3년 전

Love your work! And I can totally relate ... trying to take good photos of paintings is as much an art as painting itself.


Thank you @mada Much appreciated! It totally is! Im sure will some of them I've spent more time taking photos, than the time it took me to paint it... haha Ill be having a look at your work!

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Very Nice! 100% upvote for sure. Would look nice on my wall too! =D

The colours are beautiful, so they must be pretty spectacular in real life :)

Putting on a show for the neighbours eh, you mean art exhibition or do they laugh at the awkward poses you end up in trying to take the best photos of the artwork? XD


I can clearly see the wonderful blended colours and textures @mikepedro I didn't think one could create so many different shades of purple, but you have managed it with this superb work of art.