Original Art series by @mikepedro #9

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Hello friends,

Ive been sharing a lot of my digital art work of late so today i wanted to show of some original old school painted stuff. Todays collection was all painted in the last 12 months. It will give you an idea of all the different styles i've tried out over the year. My art really depend of the mood Im in. Colour, structure and technique if something Im always playing around with.

Most of my friends are surprised to hear that sometimes to most colourful pieces were painted when i felt i was in the darkest place internally. Art have been an amazing tool for me, its helped me in ways i never thought possible. The biggest creative obstacle I've faced is myself and self doubt.

Any one out there who says there not creative i challenge you to head down to your local art shop or discount store, pick up some cheap paint and paper and give it a go. There is no right or wrong with art, you even might surprise your self...

'ABYSS' by @mikepedro

the portal mike pedro.jpg
'THE PORTAL' by @mikepedro

'GO ROBOT' by @mikepedro

Golden Spine.jpg
'GOLDEN SPINE' by @mikepedro

fire mike pedro.jpg
Close up of 'JUMP IN THE FIRE' by @mikepedro

'HYPNOTIC PINK' by @mikepedro

'SPLASH' by@mikepedro

'DARK WASH" by @mikepedro

Thanks for having a look!
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Much Love @mikepedro

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loved some of them!!! great job!!! keep it coming and keep in tocuh


Wow! Love it!

love it man....nice painting...looking for more from you....following...plz do the same....I am an artist too...


Thank you @kamalsarma Much appreciated! Ill check out your blog now...

you should start selling these master pieces i am sure they will be very valueable.


I do mate, thanks. Not sure about how valuable but i'm very happy people buy my art.

They are beautiful. Very talented


Thank you!

beautiful work, I really love your first painting. It reminds me of being underwater. Thanks for sharing. up-voted and followed :)