My creative journey - A chill night

2년 전

It's been a crazy week... wow, I wonder how many times I've started posts like that, hehe. But, it has. I've been going gangbusters as usual so last night I decided to take a little bit of a breath. I had a whole night of creativity planned, then as I sat down with my tools, I realized, I needed a break. My brains felt a bit mushy and the usual drive to produce crazy amounts of stuff wasn't quite there...

However, I did want to get some drawing in before I actually chilled. So, instead of pursuing my studies on horns and stuff I threw it out to Facebook to ask what they wanted to see me draw. It was crazy how fast some people got back to me.

The first idea was a tiger with lightning...I'd never really drawn either so I figured it would be a cool challenge. I mean, lines are lines and I've gotten pretty decent with them. I knew I wouldn't really be able to get the right flow of lines for a tiger since the kind of energy a tiger exudes is different than anything I've done before. But, I could at least make the right shapes. Sounds weird? The energy of the lines for a tiger? It is...but, the more you draw the more you realize each shape, in order to really draw it right and with life, has specific kinds of lines.

20180621_212849 small.jpg

I had a blast drawing it and think it came out pretty cool. I see where all my mistakes are, for sure, but, makes me happy :) So far to go though in terms of bringing things to life with my hand, but...bit by bit. Just gotta have patience.

The next suggestion was just doing basic shaded shapes...not really something that interested me for a request night though I really need to practice that kind of stuff... Someone said I should make some Grateful Dead fan art...but, fan art really isn't my thing (except when I do it for a very specific purpose) and I didn't want to study a whole new style and try an emulate it that night.

Then another friend recommended a European dragon. And, since I'm in a dragon phase, how could I refuse? Try not to laugh because I really messed up the lower jaw...and the neck lines are a bit off...


I'm not completely angry at it though. It shows promise. It's not horrible. You can figure out what it is pretty quick. But, man, that lower jaw, lol. Let's just say this dragon just got back from having his wisdom teeth pulled. The horns look a bit better...might be from all the practice I've been doing lately :)

It was a nice chill night. After I put my stuff away I ended up watching a bunch of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I started that again the other day on a whim. I guess it's because it's a series that inspires hope, looks at what people could be, and has them act in a way you could be proud of, that you would be proud of acting like. Not like a lot of the modern series that keep on the theme of eternal struggle against impossible odds with hardly any forward movement. Endless spirals of frustration and fear, it seems, are what people want to watch nowadays on TV, and in the movies, superheroes that crack jokes and distract us.

Eep...don't want to get into the politics again, so, I shall sign off!

Thanks for dropping by! Hope y'all have a great Friday! Hopefully today I'll be creating some more cool stuff. First I need to get over the hump in my head though. The world seems to be getting darker and darker...the question of how to bring the light back, that haunts me...


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Cool tiger! It came out nicely. 😊


Thanks! Had a lot of fun drawing it :) My friends make the weirdest suggestions sometimes, hehe.

I like the European Dragon. Keep steeming Mike.


Thanks! Really screwed up that bottom jaw...but, baby steps :)

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