My Creative Journey - A new tool!!!! :)

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Youtube is a great place for inspiration. Follow the videos down the rabbit hole and you can find some really, really cool stuff. That's what I did the other day. Seek some inspiration. I've been kind of hitting a roadblock lately. All the practice I've been doing has been great, but there's been so much focus on the process I've almost forgotten about the product...the art. So, to bring my eyes up and back onto the prize I sought out creations that would make me drool with envy.

My eyes caught on some ink work. A guy was going through one of his project books, showing the audience the different random drawings he had done. Some abstract, some quite easy to figure out. All jaw-dropping to a person like me. Imagine those doodles you used to do in your high school notebook, but, like 20 or 30 levels better.

The video was pretty long, like 30 minutes or so...and it was quite inspirational. I could have gotten stuck on the fact of how good he was compared to me...but instead I forced my mind to think about all I could do to get as good as him. I forced myself to imagine doing pieces as cool as he was showing...cooler. For me, at least, it's hard to imagine myself creating anything 'cool.' I'm never quite as good as I want to be. I have to force myself to think that I can. I mean, otherwise what's the point of doing all this? Right? Gah...crazy minds trying to figure themselves out is like trying to untie a Gordian knot.


Anyways, that got my mind on what skills I should work at next. My mind, once again for unknown reasons, suddenly craved using one of the old-school pens. The ones with nibs and dipping into ink. You see people who really love calligraphy using them. There was something about them that appealed to a craving for thin controlled lines...kind of like a pen, but more, well, artsy. Well...more that it's cheaper in the long run because of ink and how fast you can go through a pen for a really detailed drawing. I've learned to just accept these feelings and follow them. I knew it might be a little rough because people had always told me how hard they were to use. Honestly, no idea what they were talking about...but that might be because I've only used the thin nibs for fine lines. I shall find out, likely soon as suddenly I have a craving to try out an idea that just came to mind.

But, let's get to the drawings. My minds been focused on dragons as of late, and something I noticed as I was drawing them was a lack of accurate detail in something quite important...their horns. How the attached to the head, how they behave as they twisted and turned, how the shadows played, how they fit on a many things. So, I decided to draw horns. And, in particular, those on the skulls of animals. A double header of drawing new subjects and doing a more detailed study, hehe. Though, I know my detailed study has to get way more detailed. Try not to giggle as you see me unable to properly size things on the page :)


20180621_175639 combo.jpg

Like the guy in the video I decided to create a project book. Something I could work through. A small goal in the vast ocean of goals I need to accomplish. I always preach about the baby steps that get us to better places, and having a focus I think helps. I also think it will be pretty cool to look back and go through the progress...or regress...not sure which looking at some of the pics, hehe.

20180621_175658 combo.jpg

20180621_175734 combo.jpg

I'll also include the one I really didn't want to include. It was the last one I did last night. I was trying to go out with a bang like I had the previous night and instead...well, high dive belly flop into the deep end with, well, maybe half the pool watching. :) Trying hard to keep to my promise of showing everything. I mean, the path is bloody long and there are going to be lots of fuck-ups and the better I get the more scared of showing those I might get. Not because I'm shy about it, but because of the way people think.

Public commercial artists always love to put their best foot forward always...and so that's what the public expects...and when suddenly you show something less than perfection people get a little weird. It might have to do with an artist who's never done that before suddenly being like, 'look at how I messed up!' will confuse people...but because I'm always showing, y'all will have. chuckle along with me...anyways, lol.

Got a little stream of thought there...


I've also been messing around in a different notebook. I wanted to do something I'd never tried, so I got a pad with black paper in it. My original idea was to work with acrylic in it, but, those attempts were quite, yuck. Like, random smudges of paint kind of yuck. So, instead I grabbed a white pen when I picked up the nibs n stuff and decided to start another project sketchbook. An inverse of what was going on in the book above.


Overall, I'm pretty happy about the last couple of days. I hate that things aren't cooler. I really do. But, at the same time, holy shit the forward movement is crazy in the last week or so. At this point I still need to focus on the basic elements, as boring as they may be to most people.

But, I also don't want to get trapped in the 'practice and evolution' like I did when I was a photographer. Just treading water almost waiting for a major project to come to me, or never pulling it together into something that really mattered...those are mistakes I don't want to make again. I need to plan something...a series, that seen together means something.

I think I can do that at least at a basic level right, just gotta do it.

Thanks a ton for stopping by to see what's up. Hugs to everyone whether you like, comment, or just consume. It all means a lot to me. Off to create more stuff! :)


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Love the rams boss. You should try a Goya's goat;

It's a classic :P

Just trying to be helpful with the horn inspiration and all that good stuff.

Take it easy dude.


Interesting stuff! Eventually when I get to painting in earnest I want to learn the techniques of the old guys....I mean, they really knew their stuff. As I get better I'll be able to start creating scenes. The key for me is to find the imagery and symbolism that resonates with this era the way that images like the one above did for that generation...though, it might be cell phones and shiny things :\ Have we evolved to devolved...sometimes I wonder...

Thanks for dropping by :) And, love the suggestion!


No worries dude; but if you want to get into painting the sooner the better. It's good to explore different mediums as an artist and find what resonates with you.

And every different medium is a different way of the hand too. It's good to start small. Focus on certain components. I'm not one to be giving advice though, but if you like drawing stick with it.

As far as symbolism goes think on yourself too. It really is your show. After all; all we can express is the sum of our experiences...or we are the sum of our experiences which is all we can express. Some feeling or emotion. Some way of being...something...or something...

I don't know, but take her easy dawg!


I gave painting a try when I first got started and am definitely rooted there. In the middle of a move as well as learning so many techniques with so much stuff I want to make sure I've synced up my head and my hand and have the space I need because I know it's going to be tough.

I flip between a lot of stuff right now. Mostly on the ink side right now, wet and dry, trying to get my perception, promotions, and shading correct :) My natural stroke is huge so doing small stuff is difficult. I love me my 24x36 newsprint with charcoal, even bigger if I could find it, which is why I'm so intent on this ink right now. It's all about that details. Ugh, so much stuff to learn and get good at, hehe. :)

And, I agree with it being my show and following my own heart and gut. I guess I'm just searching for the right visual language and all the jazz associated with real art, hehe.

Thanks for the advice! I've learned to pick and take what I think I need without getting offended by the stuff I think I may not be useful :) Anything I can pick up that will help me to get better I'm willing to take a chance on, hehe.

They are amazing drawings. Great job


Thanks much! Glad you stopped by :) Hope you have an awesome weekend!