My creative journey - ink ink ink :)

2년 전

I can't believe how excited I am to write this blog Once again it's these stupid barriers we erect ourselves that stop us from doing so much. Imagine, getting out of your own way and just doing the things you need to do because you know they need to get done. Imagine all the things you could do ;).

So, here I am getting back to my blog and not messing about.

Here's a collection of ink drawings that I'm been doing over the last week or so. If you've been following my blog you know I've been obsessed with sketching in charcoal lately. But, I've also been doing these on the side to get some variety in. I just haven't mentioned them.

20180708_094708 combo.jpg

Why? Because my lazy ass has not been doing his blog so when he has to do his write-ups, he can only handle writing about so much at once, hehe. Also, I think people would get bored seeing everything I've been up to for a number of days, well, a bit overwhelming as well.

It's been a good week of creation. I hit on a number of different subjects, following my gut where it wanted to go. The whole free-flowing aspect of all this is a lot of fun. Frustrating at times, usually when I start doubting myself or overthinking things, but almost always good.

20180708_094723 combo.jpg

I'm going to dwell a bit on this whole frustration thing...because lately I've been chatting with a lot of frustrated artists. And, I think I may have touched upon a similar point in my previous post, or in multiple posts, but that doesn't matter because it's a point that really needs to be hammered home. Over, and over, and over, and over again.

20180708_094735 combo.jpg

You will get frustrated. Regularly. It happens. It's normal. It's a good sign because it means you're hitting the edges of your abilities and your brain is screaming at you to stay on the safe side. Acknowledge this, understand the feeling, and fight past it. For example, I finally tried watercolor yesterday. Holy shit was I frustrated. Especially since I've gotten decent at sketching. Stroke after stroke, damn it was rough. I mean, it all looked bad to me. Hardcore. But, I just kept going, trying, pushing. At the end...well, something I liked. Not great. But it was a point past that first chunk of frustration. I'll do a post on it, to, again, hammer that point home.

20180708_094749 combo.jpg

You want to get good at something, anything, you'll have to break through frustration more than you could ever imagine. But, that's just the price you have to pay. To be great...

So, those are the bits of ink art I've been up to. This post was more thought than art, but what is art without thought? All of the stuff we have to go through to create is a part of the process, including the frustration, and working through it :) My minds a bit all over the place, been a tough weekend and trying to sort out a lot of ducks. Wish me luck on that.


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Great drawings Mike. Keep steeming and thinking good thoughts.


Thanks! Doing my best. Keep meaning to blog more, keeps me from it. Soon as I figure a way to keep at this full time :)

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Big love to y'all as always :) Thanks for dropping by and for helping to build the community! :)