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Hangovers and writing blogs really don't go together well but I need to catch up on them, hehe.

I've been a bit obsessed with charcoal sketching lately. Mainly because it allows me to really relax into a more natural stroke length and I can run through a bunch of stuff quickly, refining as I go. I never thought about natural stroke length for drawing until I started to do a lot of it and a bunch of my artist friends kept mentioning it, usually by saying, 'your paper is too small.' Looking at some of the stuff I'm drawing now...maybe the 24x36 isn't big enough.

It's been a crazy week. Between creating and trying to find work there hasn't been much time to do anything else. I've begun to fill my evenings with doing stuff with friends and I'll be moving into a new place soon. So, lots of changes as well. And, for those of you who have been following this blog for a while you'll know there's a lot of positive motion going on. So, three cheers for that.

There's been a lot of good conversations as well with people about creativity, creating, art, life, as well.

A lot of my younger friends are unsure of what to do with their creativity, or artistic urges. They're discouraged of how weak their work will sound or look. Or, if they have anything to say at all because they just can't seem to get it out right. So, they just kinda sit scratching their heads. I keep telling them that everyone starts at square zero, and the more they work at it the faster they'll get to where they want to be. It seems like the most basic and commonest of senses, but I think we've been brainwashed by all the media around us.

Swipe left, swipe right. Like, share, comment. Fifteen seconds here, only there for a day. Post, wait, check. Everything has turned into snaps of our time. Snap, and a picture is pretty. Snap, and you'll be entertained by a meme. Snap, and your ego is boosted by a flood of likes. But, when it comes to creativity and art, there ain't no snap and something happens. It's a long, grueling process of occasional highs, regular lows, and endless flatness in between. Which, to those who have been conditioned to the snap-result thinking, seems like an impossible task.

Every single day I doubt what I'm least once, if not more.

I look at my work and laugh about how immature and unoriginal it is. I almost cry at how far I have to go in order to be anywhere close to where I want to be. I'm, scared that I'm not actually creative. That what I'm creating is utter crap. That those occasional pieces that pop out that are original should just be tossed into the garbage. It seems like an impossible task, because, like everyone, I've been brainwashed. But, I fight against it, and tell myself to just keep doing what I'm doing and it will work. That's the same advice I give anyone who feels daunted by the monumental task of learning to express themselves because it's working.

But, enough with that jazz, time to look at some sketches. Nothing crazy, except how much I'm learning.

20180615_121614 combo.jpg

20180615_121710 combo.jpg

20180615_121814 combo.jpg

20180615_121917 combo.jpg

And I'm pretty sure there's a number that I missed. But that's the gist of the last several days. Last night I got started on dragons, hehe. So, that should be fun to post about soon.

My piece of advice to anyone who wants to hear it...if you want to draw, create, or get anywhere, just get started. Don't wait. Don't put it off. Don't let anything get in your way. Don't discourage yourself by saying it will never happen, or that you aren't good enough. You'd be surprised at what you are capable of.

Thanks for dropping by! I hope you enjoyed what you saw and read. Hopefully soon I'll be getting back into videos so you can see some real-time of what's going on. Time for me to get back to work on other work, lol. Be well! :)


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These drawings are excellent.. Mike. You are coming along nicely with your art.


Thanks! Getting better day by day. Guess that happens when you spend so much time doing something. :)