My Creative Journey - the weekend of Dragons ends :)

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You wanna know how you get good at something really quickly? do it over and over and over again for a very long time. Because, there is no quick way to learn. You need to do it until you can see the shapes and how all the lines go together...all in your head. Hour upon hour upon hour will add up, and paper will fall by the side like leaves in fall. But, eventually things will stick :)

I'm far from there though. I mean, I've been sketching them for like 4 days so, give me a couple years and I'll be cocky, hehe. The basic outline of a couple heads right now...maybe. We'll see tonight when I pull out my pads.

Most of yesterday I spent at a different coffee shop. One I haven't been to in a while, Groundworks. It's a great place with great food and drinks. The staff and people are a bit pretentious, which isn't a big surprise since it's in the arts district. Lots of uptight money and airs of nonchalance with everyone trying to be ultra-cool chill. But, none of that matters when you have a cup of tasty coffee and a good pair of headphones. Hours literally fly by, lol. That, and pages of dragons :)

20180617_174829 combo.jpg

20180617_174846 combo.jpg

20180617_174910 combo.jpg




I wasn't done yet, though. I still had some left in me. But, I was done with that location. At the end, when I finally looked up and took a breath, I knew where I wanted to head next.


My rooftop!

I've come to really love this place in the last couple weeks. Likely because soon I'll be leaving it. That's usually how it works, hehe. It was cloudy, and a bit chilly the day I went. I have to admit I took this shot a different day...but the view did end up pretty much the same just before the sun set. :)

I did a couple sketches, but looks like I only took a shot of this one. This one was straight from my head just using the forms I'd practiced earlier. If the wind hadn't been as crazy, I might have done more on it, but as is I had to scramble to keep the paper from ripping. Not so conducive to being the most creative.


Buuuuut..... I still wasn't done. I gave painting a try too, and realized how much had changed in the last weeks since I'd pulled them out. Not necessarily the paint, but the paper I was using. It was crazy but it was like I'd never used it before. After the last couple weeks of using toothy paper with weight, suddenly going to this flimsy packing paper was...different. I tried a couple things, shuddered, realized I need better paper for everything, and moved on to better paper and some ink work.


I was gonna head back to sketching, but realized that might be a bit much for the evening, hehe. I ended up watching part of an interview series on Netflix with Joseph Campbell. A lovely series called The hero with a thousand faces, on myth and society. Truly interesting to watch and think about if you're interested :)

Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate all the views, likes, comments, whatnot. It helps to fuel me through the hard days. Which, to be open as I usually am, is all the time. Help fan the flame and give me some happy words :) Be well everyone!


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Love y'all for the support you give the community :) Thanks for dropping by and finding my content worthy.

I love your art posts and I know I don't always comment but your art journey is and has been so cool to watch!!


Awww, thanks :) It's okay to creep on by, hehe. Hopefully I'm really, really, far from the end. Hope you have an awesome day!