Watercolor Painting Time Lapse - Cacti Doodles

3년 전

Greetings, Steemians 👽

Here's today's daily doodle. I think it's just okay. I started several other pieces today that just weren't working for me. I was determined to create something though, so I gave myself a break and decided to paint some simple washes and doodle over them with a white gelly roll pen.


Supplies Used:
Mission Gold - Lemon yellow, permanent rose, peacock blue
Aquabee Watercolor Paper
Silver Brush Black Velvet #8
White Gelly Roll

Thanks for stopping in - until next time!

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All images ©MizaPizza. Please do not use or modify my images without my consent. Thank you.

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I like your artwork! Keep up the good work. @ironshield

I really like this piece @mizapizza. It's simple but very effective. it would make a great greetings card. 😊

Very nice drawing video process. If you like time lapses, check out this one of Bucharest, Romania https://d.tube/#!/v/trocsoneria/df9ld6yj