Ahri Fanart League of Legends

4년 전

Ahri! My favorite league of legends champion. She was the second champion I bought and still is to this day my main after about 7 months. I decided to buy her when I was new and playing Ashe (a starter adc) and I thought Ahri looked so cool dashing around the map and she got really strong and it made me buy her! Although I sucked hard at her because she is a skill shot champion, I slowly learned and now whenever I play any other champions that require skill shots it's quite easy to land. My first skin for her was arcade so I'll definitely have to draw arcade Ahri next but for now I drew her base model and I hope you enjoy it as much as I love playing her. :D!

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Very nice sketch u make
I also make sketches
You can check my page @sketchart

Nice work.

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