Just your ordinary tripping desert skull with dreadlocks and Rasta hat, doh.

8개월 전

I just finished a new piece of artwork, that, well let's say, took a slightly different turn during the course of it's creation. I intended to paint a longhorn skull, the kind you find in the American desert, well at least in the movies, and I wanted to be a bit psychedelic and trip, very much unlike the ones in the movies.
But when I thought I was done, something was missing, and it took me a while until it finally hit me. No trippy, psychedelic desert skull is ever complete without dreadlocks and a rasta hat! They go together like chocolate mousse and sardines, and this again shows that even seasoned artists like moi sometimes need to search a bit deeper in order to uncover the most obvious. God really is in the details.

Rasta Longhorn Skull.jpg

Rasta Longhorn Skull Black.jpg

I used a black background on this version, just to see how the image would look like on a t-shirt or hoodie. I'd buy it...

Rasta Longhorn Skull Mandala.jpg

MD Email Shroom.png

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Thank you @discovery-it, very much appreciated.

Hi mushroomdreams,

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Thank's for the love @curie, have an awesome day!

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fantastic job !! have you studied graphic art or are you self-taught?
congratulations on your work and the curie vote


Thank you much @road2horizon! Yes and yes, I went to graphic design school, but with a focus on typography. So, all my 'fine' art shenanigans are pretty much self-taught. Have a great day!

Beautiful work of art, looks great on a black background, plus it's very colorful and looks very cheerful. I congratulate you on your good work and curie vote. Greetings.


Greetings to you too, @daysiselena, and thank you for your kind words.