Sometimes I find myself in a tense state. Trying to build a prosperous future, all the forces go there. And in order for the future to become prosperous, you need to take into account a huge number of factors. In most situations, only a small fraction of the time can depend on me personally.

Day after day, year after year, I try to prepare myself more carefully for all sorts of events. And it's pretty exhausting.

In one crucial moment of my life, the day of passing the exam "city traffic police". In anticipation of my third attempt, I decided to change my tactics of passing.

Focus as much as possible on the "now"moment. Listen carefully to the task, focus on what is happening on the road. Without trying to predict the next task, the location of the exam... Mentally holding on to my prosperous future, I didn't have the strength to create the present.

And on the third attempt, I passed. I was able to relax and focus.

Educational work on the master class of Frank Perro. Watercolor

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I like this small work, you maid it look cool. 👌😋