"Jellyfish" seria of paintings #3

3년 전

This is the second "painting" on cardboard, which I made with industrial paint!

The little story behind...

It all started from nothing! I just found some paint in a corner, somewhere in a warehouse, and I said to try to use them for a noble purpose :)) I did not have too many color options, or any other kind of cardboard, excepting black, with a little texture on it. The paint was not of good quality and it have stayed for quite a long time uncovered. So it was pretty thick and hard to paint with the brush, the classic way :))
I also had only black cardboard available, so I had to put a thick layer of paint to leave a visible trace.
I began to pour many layers of paint, then I lifted it upright the cardboard and let them flow...
I loved how to combine and continued... I was amazed to see how the colors combine and flow together, in a delicate dance...

  • When I first looked at the final result, the only thing that crossed my mind was...a jellyfish:)) Another opinion was that it looks like a tooth! But I'd rather look at it in my own way!

This is the second "jellyfish" born on my piece of paper!:)






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Best of luck

i love you

I really like your art. To me it looks like sap from a maple tree when spring comes around and the warm weather heats up the tree and the sap,then it oozes out of the woodpecker holes. Natural art.

nice painting!

Thanks for bring out the beauty in the art of nature. Please do well to follow @thegreens and @dukefranky and see what we are doing with respect to art for environment. Hope my little upvote makes a difference!

Perfect painting

That is beautiful and awesome work! :)

I absolutely love the green background.

To be honest, I made my first piece in similar way, found some paint, found some board... I also made a frame for my painting so it gives more distinguished look.

Take a look!!!

Visit my profile for more :)