Metal canvas . ( Neon Corp. Guardians series). 3.

2년 전


This work will be drawn based on the development of the ''Neon Corp''.
Neon Corp. Top Secret corporation. Genetic Engineering, biomechanics, mutagens, cyber technology, extraterrestrial technology, ether control. The combination of organics with mechanisms. Transcoding DNA. The only trusted person showing our secret developments in his painting- Neon3000.

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Stunning artwork, i was checking your insta account a bit and am amazed by the amount of work and the quality:) So good to have you here and i am looking forward for more. i guess this artwork is a part of a series, really cool concept:)

This is so cool. Is this art for a game or "just" for fun? Really an evocative image and super well executed. Awesome stuff!

@tipu curate


You should breeze through his work, the children's park I really liked, and then there was the helmet and guitar works, and then this big cement silo : and this giant barrel:

He has some really great works on display here on steemit.


Thank you! This image is part of something larger.)))

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Another top notch piece of work, I like it.


Thank you!!

I am blown away by this artwork!


...your works are amazing!