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Hey Nessy!How are you doing? And what about your dad? Hang on tight indeed!!!!


MILLOOOOOOOOO ! HI :D I haven't talk to you in forever ! I'm doing much better and so is my dad :) he stopped drinking alcohol and trying to be more healthy for the better :) how about you ? how have you been ?


Hey Nessy! Very good to hear your dad is doing much better now! That really is good news!!! You must be very happy :)) I am doing great, just came back after a two week trip through Italy with a friend. We did it all with our motorcycles! It was an excellent trip! Italy is such a beautiful place, I am sharing what I have in pictures in some posts, just did the first part :) In particular, I fell completely in love with Sardegna, one of Italy`s island!!! I know now where I want to live :D Hope to speak you soon again! Ciao Nessy!!!

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