Art Exhibition in School

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Art is a fun. Art is a creative activity that expresses imaginative or technical skill.
Art exhibtion day in school. The school is looks very beautiful all the classes participate in exhibition. Every class made different things for the contest.
My class students also take participation in Art Exhibition. Art work of some students in my class is very good. The child enjoy it very much..
My class project is Decorate the Pencils.

I gudie the students and also show the how to decorate it. The students really like it and the decorate the pencils. And its look very beautiful.

See its looks very good....

The other class also made the beautiful things Its a pencil holder which look awesome and I'm still shocked they made amazing artwork.

The other class made flower with smiley and it's so good

I have an other picture which is a boats

See other picture is photo frames with hanging

That day the school looks so good beacuse it is the effort of childrens. I hope you like my post and the artowrk of my school students. Although they are child but they done what they can. They give a message to the whole nation and world that they can beat and work hard for the best future what there perants are looking for.

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Art work and Art are the different between them but similar on first spelling,,these are praised if that platform is well so,,your art is so creative ,,thanks for sharing..

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Love the art and I do art too.