Hello lovely earthlings <3

I m back with some crazy new artworks, illustrations, canvas and Walls!

... since i broke my elbow on the artist arm i really have hard times to paint, create and work with this arm :/ ...I also believe that it is getting worse again. Still without insurance.

Nevertheless i want to show you some of my new works and projects i have in progress.

Lets start with a digital illustration i created together with the great CAUSE from Turkey.

When we started to decide to paint the theme JOKER , the movie was not yet in cinema.
Cause gave me the Style "JOKER" and i created a scene around his work.

... the result turned our really bad ass and i would love to read what you think about this illustration.

Lets start with some great detail and progress shots.


I still love my wacom cintiq so much and i m so in love with details!

Check some details of the Illustration:





What do you think?

Maybe one day i will show you the result of the full illustration!

... I m joking!

Here is the JOKER illustration with the Graffiti from CAUSE :

Check this out! Took me a lots of hours and love:


What do you think? You interested to get a posterprint? me!

The next artwork is a quick and super spontan wall i painted some days ago in Berlin.

KEEP THE PLANET CLEAN!!! Glass bottle in the water!


I just had another great painting day with a very good friend ROLF

... some pictures of this day!

P1090841.JPG part:


Some detail shots:



What do you think about this freestyler?

Next works i painted for the awesome Inktober. Check it on instagram if you use this shit! Its a cool thing!








...and some more.

I want to show you this work i have in progress:

pinker hut.jpg

...its the first time i painted with an ipad pro.

I also painted this bad ass Punk!

P1090764.JPG "Halloween" illustration:

happy halloween klein.jpg



Last picture is a detail shot of my latest wall i painted some days ago:


YEAH i hope you like what i did and i m working?!

I have a lot of more works to show and finish.


Thank you so much for watching and support!


check also:





Shop Vida

PEACE and love,

-edga NOWARGraffitis


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That looks really cool! Many thanks for sharing!


Thank you so much :)

Many thanks for watching and comment!

Take it easy

edga - NOWARGraffitis

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Hello Hello!

I love your art, it is very creative and quite beautiful!

Greetings from Venezuela


Hey there :)

...thank you! so nice to hear. thank you for the comment also!

Have a good time

edga - NOWARGraffitis

Great post! Street art and lots of creativity. I love. A big hello @nowargraffitis


hey there,
thank you so much for watching and comment.

...will show some more of my works from time to time ;)

all the best !

edga - NOWARGraffitis

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I am sorry to hear about your arm and I truly hope that it will get better soon.

Your artworks are great! I think that my favorite would be the joker.. simply because I like that actor :)

Thank you for sharing and have a good day!


thanks a lot :)

... yeah i kind of like painting digital stuff and create illustrations. I have to say i didnt like the new joker movie that much. ...the actor is great!

All the best, have a good time!


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dear @nowargraffitis, great post !! you have a great talent! have you studied art or are you self-taught? keep on and congratulations on your curie rating


Thanks a lot

I have taught myself all this over time and with lots of love :)

Thank you so much again!

All the best!