The image of Daoloth was not shapeless, but so complex that the eye could recognize no describable shape. There were hemispheres and shining metal, coupled by long plastic rods. The rods were of a flat grey colour, so that he could not make out which were nearer; [..] wherever he glanced at the construction, he saw only the spaces between them.

-- Ramsey Campbell, "The Render of the Veils"

A being so otherworldy, that must be summoned in pitch blackness, to safeguard the sanity of the summoners. It's not about horror or vileness, it is just something that exists in multiple dimensions and cannot be witnessed in only three. Consider an optical illusion like Escher's Staircase, but in a scale that encompasses all reality in front of your eyes. Mind blown!



a fractal made in JWildFire
released under CC BY-SA 4.0
Attribute to: @nyarlathotep
Link to: https://busy.org/@nyarlathotep/cr-daoloth



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I noticed you used [CR] on the title. If you meant this post to be seen by ntopaz curators, you need to post through the ntopaz platform to be eligible. It's pretty cool how you captured Daoloth in abstract for, as close as what the human mind could possibly perceive anyway.


Yes, you are right, I'll have to sign up with nTopaz, I like how it is setup. Thank you for your comment, see you there!

This is super cool, I am intrigued to read this book now :) I included this post in my weekly curation Ocean of Art!

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