The Art of the Art.

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The Art of the Art

Written by: Kalu Onyinye

I have a dream. It entails a lot of things I can and would most probably like to do if I'm given the chance. But that's the problem, I'm not given that opportunity. So like everyone else out there, I have a dream.

The human life is inevitably short and what we do with today matters, in the present moments and in those moments that live on forever. For some of us, there is so much more we could be doing with our time, so many more things we could be achieved if we are just given the chance.

Most children and teenagers are made to think of using education as the only way forward. For some people, it is. But for some others, it just isn't, but there is no other way of finding that out without at first trying.

It would be nice for parents to allow their children to fry things out before it becomes too late. Despite the Nigerian ', My child will be the one to bury me and not vice versa', but children still die before their parents with little or nothing to show for being alive, to show they were here.

If we are going to copy the Western culture, we should copy it in full and not half in half. It's a known fact that the Westerners like to harness creativity and talent; that is something we should take up. Their children go dancing schools, music lessons, art schools, science fairs. These are all things that make them sharper and brighter, despite their school curriculum -that we have effectively deceived ourselves into believing that we are using.

It's high to time our children and teenagers started doing more. They need more than school books in their lives if we actually want to build a better generation. We have to do better and trust the art of living.

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