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I’ve just learned one or two things about Jading thanks to your post. This is first time I’ve ever heard about jading.

BTW: Have you ever done Jade?
Let me guess your answer: once or twice upon a time.

Wow absolutely mystical. Jade is one magical crystal. In which part of the world is this


East of eden, somewhere over the rainbow :-)

Hi Sir Thank you very much for discussing a beautiful content, I'm giving you a YouTube video below.

I have watched this video a long time ago, and with great importance, all the contents of this video have been presented to me and I found it very good to have seen and uploaded this YouTube video and presented a very important creative point of view which is very good to me ™️

Mr. @onceuponatime,
Take my sincere love and respect again 😊

Wow that really massive! I wonder who made it and why so much richness and effort went into it?!


Making stuff like that keeps you off of the street and out of the bars :-)


Hahaha I know but seriously aren't you curious? xD


Hello my dear @onceuponatime hope that you're good today This drawing is a humble gift for you hope you accept it and like it. This is the picture: This is the video:

it is really beautiful! is this snakes?


No, dragons.


from which county you took the pic ? :)

The person who designed this deserves a home in heavenly places. Thank you @onceuponatime for sharing

Just look at this awesomeness. Whose child crafted this. Is it you @onceuponatime?. I love you already

Wow. Beautiful art. I like your past. Amazing one. 👍👌👌👌👌


You know about my past? And you still like me? WOW!

wow, the picture looks very beautiful, I think behind the beauty it has also a very deep meaning. I see, the picture is like a dragon painting, and dragon is a symbol of pride for the country of China. Is this picture a symbol of history? Thanks for sharing @onceuponatime...


I only had a short time in the jade store, where I took the photo, on my way back to Beijing from the Great Wall. So I don't have any details as to the meaning or history of this jade masterpiece.

waw ... enormous green jade, 2 years ago here is trending jade for the stone ring, the price is fantastic, there are some jade hunters in the mountains and sell it.
according to some information, jade will change the atmosphere of the room to cool, is it true @onceuponatime ?


Probably true if you were wearing some and entered the room :-)


lol ... it looks like I have to put ice in my pocket for the cold, not for

After a long time, I was very excited to see your blog post.
It's been a bit of a busy time now because there's a big project in our office where it's been a lot of time to work.I hope you are good on the blessings of the great God.

My own personal opinion is published below:

jade is a beautiful stone that can be many different colors including green, orange, or white. Most of us will have seen the Jade that is green in color. Jade however is a very popular and expensive stone and this has given rise to many fakes, imitations or treated Jades being seen in the market place. Ancient records show that the Chinese started to dye jade to improve the color in 13th century. If you are about to go shopping for jade or have an old piece of jade, here is an article that will help you tell if you have found the real thing.


The image above has been uploaded for you. Hopefully you will be very happy to see the Buddha image :)

People have used jade for at least 100,000 years. The earliest objects made from jade were tools. Jade is a very hard material and is used as a tool because it is extremely tough and breaks to form sharp edges.

Most jade does not have a color and translucence that is expected in a gemstone. However, when early people found these special pieces of jade, they were often inspired to craft them into a special object.

Do you know that jade is get out in my local language... Lol

what a beautiful piece of art.


That is a strange and interesting little fact!


Hahaha, sure.
Thanks mate

How many many hours did this take to carve @onceuponatime? The details are very nice, also it looks framed, what type of molding profile is the border?


Sorry, I don't have those details. I took the photo in a jade store north of Beijing.


@onceuponatime, gotcha. I thought you carved that jade, I was like that had to take months with the level of detail it had, great photo :). Hope your stay in Beijing was good, safe travels!

Such a brilliant crystal jade work. Pretty wonder to see that. More dragons indeed remarkable piece. Do you need curve? Had you made dragon design also? I have but can't see for anyone.


I have a dragon tattoo :-)

That's something so beautiful and amazing you showed today hat's off to the artist who worked on that


It must have taken him a very long time (jade is a very hard stone - difficult to work into a sculpture).

Yes! Jade is such a beautiful mineral. I just like them better if they are darker. Anyway, great snap, loving the details and admiring the crafstmanship that went into making this.


Darker is better, eh?

Ohhhhhhh.....Finally you searched me..
I'm a king of the DRAGON. So why you caught me?
So sad nothing bad...


I'm trying to find for you a Queen :-)


Ha ha nice to hear find queen for me. Already I founded queen for dragon kingdom :)

Where you found this dragon design? Did you stolen from China travel @onceuponatime? However looking crazy....


I found it during a trip to China. It is my photo.

Those creatures have a unique beauty that only a strong eye can see


Those creatures have a
Unique beauty that only
A strong eye can see

                 - dwight50

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

This is extraordinary. Who birthed this? He deserves some accolades

it just looks so great, is it a wall decoration ?

That is one beauty indeed; exquisite perfection. Wonder how long it took to carve that.

To be honest had no idea what Jade was so had to look up for it in Google ;)

While it sure is beautiful and without a doubt they did a massive work out of it.

Awesome work!

Wow! This is true beauty of artwork. I have never heard of #jade before. I will definitely look into it. Thanks for sharing this @onceuponatime more Inspirations and Blessing Always.

That's look realy beautiful, green jade a nice piece of art. Thanks @onceuponatime for sharing this artistic beauty.

Such incredible craftsmanship. Simply beautiful.

Imagine what a time it did cost to make it

Beautiful your artistic work, I prefer the name for this work "Fade". To be relevant is your style impregnated in this series. Regards.

Wow, this is really amazing
I'm always mesmerize by good art work...
Big up @onceuponatime

Is it just a piece of art or some history behind this beautiful masterpiece???

That's what i call art, i mean just think about how past civilizations made this kind of things with not too much tools, and even so this pieces has a lot of details, that made feel proud of what we are. Regards

Originally, all jade objects were thought to be made from the same material. However, in 1863 a Frenchman, Alexis Damour, discovered that the material known as "jade" could be divided into two different minerals: jadeite and nephrite.

Because these two materials can be difficult to distinguish, and because the word "jade" is so entrenched in common language, the name "jade" is still widely used across many societies, industries, and academic disciplines.

very beautiful paintings @onceuponatime , I am impressed, you are talented, visit my account, I like painting.

WoW so beautiful art..good photo shot. i like this Wall design.thanks for share @onceuponatime

it seems that you are very good in the arts, I always post every post you, and your painting is very beautiful everything

Amazing photo

Wow, frankly speaking, I have seen something like this before, this is creativity. Nice design. Wish to see it physically.

Oh, how good is it, is it carved Chinese?

Hello my dear @onceuponatime hope that you're good today This drawing is a humble gift for you hope you accept it and like it. This is the picture: This is the video:

i think jade brings a whole other beauty in everything. Merging it with ancient china and in general the other Asian countries the result is absolutely marvelous. In fact when i hear about jade literally jade Buddhas statues or jade carving dragons comes into my mind!

really very wonderfull art of jade.jade is one magical cystral..i like your talented art of dragon.looks very impressive.obviously very powerfull and inteligent art .. just wonderfull wall design art..its amazing one.thanks to sharing for ur great post of arr.very well dear friend. @onceuponatime best of luck of your best work.i hope its rainbow part in the world..

Wow, frankly speaking, I have seen something like this before, this is creativity. Nice design. Wish to see it physically.

Wow, indeed it's a beauty. It's simplely magnificent in its concept

It is a art of aristocratic. fabulous photography...@onceuponatime

Artistry in stone. So beautiful and I wonder what it means. Thanks.

some people just do their job perfectly

@onceuponatime, Omg....Lot of dragons there.. Don't get close or try to carve green jade..Why I told that??? At random, the dragon will emerge....

Jade pictorial dragon, which became a beautiful masterpiece.Is this coming from china..

That is called the beauty of carving..
The only thing here is it must have take very long time to this massive piece..
Thanks for sharing ..

wow..very beautiful art,my dear friend @onceuponatime,indeed it's a beauty. It's simplely magnificent in its concept,
i really love this post all time,
thank you so much for sharing your post,

Wow awesome art . I really like your art dear. keep it up.

good photo with a mysterious object of dragon carvings. this is really a good blend of art with magic

Thank you sir @onceuponatime for sharing good photo in steemit


Imagine what a time it did cost to make it

Wow !! So gorgeous !

This jade piece is really massive. I wonder how much it weighted!?

This is an awesome photography. Its really amazing photo and also creative art. I really impressed your photography and art.

Wow I love jade.. although I've never seen a huge piece of jade like this before(unfortunately).. real art..

Beautiful chunk of jade! I wonder if this is an antique piece which was stolen from one of the royal palaces in the past!
Dragons are exclusively used by royalties! But, then the price would be too high for a private collection; for museums perhaps!

So, I think this is a new piece of carved jade! Still the price is very high fir such a big panel! Would love to see the details closer!!

Holy cow this isn’t huge!!! Those colours are stunning! Where did you see this, in China?

I am living in Guangzhou at the moment and the jade markets here are phenomenal, some of the sculptures are just ridiculously insane... so much talent! I posted a few sculptures yesterday actually, I went to a museum and saw some really old jade carving too.


love and hugs from pakistan ❤❤