A game of cat and mouse

The prompt word for the 30th Inktober drawing is catch. I was inspired by my own cat for this drawing, she is very good at catching mice, unfortunately for her she is not very good at keeping hold of them. I've spent many evenings pulling out furniture in an attempt to rescue mice that she has lost in the house. She never looks very impressed when I release them back into the garden.


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Nice drawing. Very well done. I have totally been there with mice in the house as well. I dont know why they insist in bringing them into the house alive. In my experience Mice are very difficult to get out because like you said they find any space under the furniture that's available, to hide.

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I found a dead one that had been there a couple of weeks, took me ages to track down where the smell was coming from.


Ooo yikes! That wouldn't be good lol

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Such a beautiful cat. Glad she hasn't got such a good grip. Cats will be cats though and it's hard not to feel empathy for their catches. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


She spends most of the time sleeping on my bed or the sofa, so the wildlife is pretty safe from her.

Nice 😍😍😍💋