Swamp Flowers


swamp flowersTH.jpg

Blooming Inks

These flowers grew out of ink and water. I created them by applying water to the paper using a glass pipette dropper, using it to draw the shapes of the flowers. I then applied the darker tones by dropping ink into the shapes I had created with the water, I then allowed the inks to spread across the surface.


Swamp Flowers

swamp flowersM.jpg

Ink on paper


Close up of details

swamp flowerSNG.jpg



If you want to see some of my previous ink illustrations check out DWELLING, an illustrated crime novel collaboration between myself and fellow Steemian @dougkarr, set in New York’s Lower East Side. Dwelling is now available in print and ePub.

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You can find my tokenized art on SuperRare, KnownOrigin and MakersPlace.

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Those are cool. That's a neat technique and I like the photos of the close ups. Nice one

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Thanks @leaky20, I really like the close-up surface qualities of the ink and paper too.

Greetings! Your post has been voted and has had resteem by the @votomasivo project.

Appreciation: What beautiful flowers.

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